Scholarships & Tuition Assistance


It is our philosophy that every child should be able to receive a quality education of choice.  The Scholarship Program is designed to enable qualified students to attend Harmony Hills Academy who might not otherwise be able to do so for financial reasons.  We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national or ethnic origin in the administration of its admission policies or the Scholarship Program.

  • The Board grants assistance on the basis of demonstrated financial need and the availability of funds.  The Board must balance a family’s ability to pay tuition with standards that ensure equitable distribution of awards.  Award decisions are based on an independent financial need assessment. The Board will use all paperwork submitted to help determine the amount of assistance that will be awarded. The Board gives strong favorable consideration to volunteerism and to demonstrated commitment to Harmony Hills Academy.
  • Awards will not be granted without an application, W-2’s (or 1099’s), tax returns and a statement letter.   Because funds are finite, awards are made for one year only and will be reviewed annually.  Each year and for each child, parents must apply and submit the appropriate application and supporting documents.
  • Admission decisions are made independently of decisions to award Scholarship assistance.  All applicants must be accepted by the admissions department prior to review of the Scholarship Program application.
  • Scholarship Program funds are generated from funds contributed voluntarily from the community for the operating budget of the school.  We are also seeking state and local support to increase funding.
  • The Scholarship Program process is held in strict confidence and with deep respect for privacy.  All awards are considered confidential agreements.  We ask the same of our Scholarship Program families.  Please do not share or publish your Scholarship Program funds in general or in detail, with your peers.
  • The maximum award is limited to the funding available for the school year.
  • General education fees are not included in the Scholarship Program.