Student Application

Summer Enrichment

Apply by completing the student application below. We will contact you to confirm enrollment details and to finalize costs. Payment will be made only after a discussion of your needs and confirmation of enrollment. Any additional documents will be asked for during the enrollment process, if they are needed.

Junior Kindergarten through Grade 8

Applying by April 15 is strongly recommended, however we do enroll all throughout the school year. Please note the age limits for the Kindergarten-6th grade program:

  • Kindergarten:  General rule is that the child turns age 5 during the school year and before November 1.  Final decisions are made by the Head of School.
  • First Grade:  Age 6 during the school year, and completion of a Kindergarten program.

Compulsory School Attendance Law for the State of Colorado.

Our goal throughout the application process is to meet every parent and child in the fullest manner possible. We do this through a family survey and a teacher-parent interview. If necessary, we may also meet with the child to better assess his or her needs.