About Our Faculty

The Harmony Hills Academy teaching body is rich in experience and abilities.  Our teachers realize the true importance and far-reaching possibilities of their profession.  They are fun, energetic, enthusiastic, productive, self-motivated, self disciplined individuals who wake up each day driven to be the best and to support their colleagues in the same endeavor.  They are committed to creating and managing programs both inside and outside of the class that provide our students with the incredible opportunity to thrive in our program.

The Faculty of Harmony Hills Academy serves the school in many ways and is dedicated to bringing the children a living experience of education. The faculty meets every Monday after school for common study, broadening their understanding of current educational challenges and practices, and for developing a greater perception of children and their needs.

Our faculty members are also active in the administrative and committee life of the school. Faculty members meet to discuss updates and needed items for the school, as well as looking for ways to fund new projects at school and in the community.

Jen_03Jennifer Hollis, Classroom Lead Teacher

Jennifer graduated with a bachelor’s in Elementary Education from the University of Illinois.  She began her passion teaching in Peoria, Illinois, her home town in 1997.  She taught health in the primary grades and 6th grade Ancient Civilizations.  She then moved to Bailey, Colorado in 1999 and taught 1st grade for the mountain community from 2000-2011.  In 2012, she looped with her first grade students to teach 2nd grade part time and the following year moved up to 3rd with her students.   Along the way, Jennifer has earned a 2006 Master of Science with a focus on literacy and a Zumba Kids instructor license.  She has a blended family with four children, Shea, Adeline, Reid, and Arion, and lives in Conifer with her family and husband, Bill, along with their newest pet addition – Otis.  She loves to dance, act, read, snowboard, and play games with her family.

It has been Jennifer’s dream to start her own school, following her holistic pedagogy on education.  She believes one should follow their heart and lead by example.  Knowing that children are the future, she wants to provide them with an enriching, memorable, educational experience.

Additional Staff

More staff information will be posted as we establish our possible classroom settings.  We will be looking for qualified staff based on each classroom we create due to community need.