School Governance

Jennifer Hollis, our Head of School, is the administrative and operational leader of the school.  She also holds the title of President of our organization.  She ensures that the most current and effective programs and curricula are in place to maximize each student’s learning experience.  She is also responsible for the fiscal status of the school, and she oversees the hiring and management of school staff.  She is also responsible for an effective day to day operational environment at Harmony Hills Academy.

Lead and Assistant teachers are in place to support and nurture our students.  They are responsible for providing a safe learning environment for each student and making sure that our academic programs support the school’s mission and vision.  They are also responsible for regular communication with parents as well as scheduling and curriculum development.

In this model, Harmony Hills Academy’s governance is continually focused on our students.


Meet the Board of Directors

Harmony Hills Academy’s Board of Directors is in place to ensure that the school’s strategic initiatives are in conjunction with the mission and vision.  In addition, they are responsible for the financial status of the school and provide support to the Head of School.

The Board strives to promote an ethos of transparency by ensuring that community members have access to information regarding finances, operations, and results. Minutes of the Board’s meetings are on file and are available to all community members.

Jennifer Hollis

Bill Hollis

Judy Antener

Tim Sandon

Patty Blatus

Meet the Officers

Jennifer Hollis, Head of School

Bill Hollis, Treasurer

Judy Antener, Secretary