Fun Events

Second Annual Silent Auction Party Night

Please join us for our second annual Silent Auction Party Night at Harmony Hills. We will have a Black Jack card tables, complimentary libations & appetizers, music & merriment, and a silent auction for items from our local artisans and businesses. This is a fun event for everyone in our community.

All proceeds will go to updating the school’s Fire & Security system. This is a very large financial purchase for us, close to $10,000. This is required for the security of our wonderful students and teachers.

Silent Auction Party

Appetizers and Adult Beverages

We are not allowed to charge for Adult Beverages, therefore we are giving them away in a responsible manner. We will have good beer – Ales, IPA’s, and ESB’s. We will have bad beer (ha ha) – Bud and Coors Light. We will have an assortment of Cabernet, Merlot, and Chardonnay.

While every attempt will be made to limit consumption so that none of us has excessive libation during our raucous event, we’ll also help with a ride home if anyone needs it.